World beneath the waves

Just when she thought, she had every perspective on life, She happened to find a new one beneath the waves instead of over it. Just when she thought, she had travelled and seen the world She happened to discover a world within a world, breathing below her. Just when she thought, inspiration had perhaps exhausted…

Doors of the Cyprus | Their stories…

Everywhere she went, she left a little piece of her, A little fragment that streamed through the doors and became everyone’s sunshine. So yellow. So bright. So warm. They forgot what hard rains and bone chilling winters felt like. Just like they forgot the source of the warmth that ensconced them. She… The one that…

RAW Coffee | The coffee story, unplugged

Often (quite wrongly) criticized for being a bling-bling fake world, Dubai is as ‘real’ and ‘raw’ as any other place, if you choose to discover it. Take for example, RAW Coffee Company. ¬†Coffee doesn’t get more real than what is roasted, and supplied from this boutique roastery here in Dubai. ¬†What about then, the swanky,…

#apinchoflove | Chapter 10

He descended in the distance. She blossomed in the sky. He burnt like fire. Then she basked in his light. The sun and moon, thus played by the laws of nature, Setting precedents for many lovers’ adventures.

#apinchoflove | Chapter 9

As she soared up into the clouds, the miles between them grew. The view outside her window matched her heart’s mood of blue. Tears fogged her precious world for just a little while, Till a thought occurred, and changed her tears into a smile. Each coming day could be one more away from when they’d…

#apinchoflove | Chapter 8

The colours that swept the sky above were much like how he felt around her. His blues were flooded with her shades of gold and darkness was no more empowered.

#apinchoflove | Chapter 7

His stories were met by her rapt attention. The memories they made weren’t of ordinary dimension. In the darkness of the sky, the city’s thousand lights shimmered. To their magic the angels and the Gods surrendered

#apinchoflove | Chapter 6

They stood on either side of the door in silence. Neither one aware of the other one’s presence. A choice was now waiting to be made. They could open the door and discover the unknown or walk away from the fear of it. Both stared hard in silence. Then slowly crawled away. Fear won victory…

#apinchoflove | Chapter 5

She was guided by the compass of her heart. And when it craved passion, even God surrendered. Skies turned grey, clouds rushed in, thunder roared and the winds swept leaves. Such was the power of her heart’s romance.

Six Reflections of Ramadan

“Abstinence?” “Nope. Surrender” “Yeah it’s the same thing right? It’s about giving up” “Nope. It’s about being open” ____________________________________________________________________________________________ She conversed with God often. Maybe all the time. Often, there was no boundary separating her lonely thoughts and her prayers. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ They woke up before the sun that morning. It was black outside but they…

#apinchoflove | Chapter 4

He wanted to catch the moon dance slow lights on her roof. When he reached, alas the moon was gone… But oh, the roof sparkled on its own.. In realization, he smiled… No moon was needed when her own glow within, lit the roof like a thousand shimmering lights.

#apinchoflove | Chapter 3

It supported the drunk. Its steady dim light guided travelers on their way. But for him, it became defined as the thing that scattered the most incandescent glow on her porcelain like face.