I have toyed with the idea of writing (recording experiences) for years -over a decade actually.  Have written a stray piece here and there at random, but never really committed to writing the way I’ve wanted to.  I’m at a juncture right now though, where I feel prepared to dive into the art of expression through words.

So, I happened to express this desire to a dear friend – one, who I thought would not only understand but also relate to my creative leanings. He told me to go for it and said something which stayed with me — “Write about the things that inspire you and not because you want to fill up space. That will be your truest and best expression.”

So I asked myself what is inspiring?  That which has the power to change the course of your life and steer you into a new direction, sure.  But it is also the simple daily some things that we miss seeing. I look out of my window — an affectionate 5 month old pup, a gorgeous horizon, still waters — so still u can see every curve & line in the reflection of your face, the sound of birds, tall towers, there’s inspiration just about everywhere.

Like what was on the face of it, just a touristy visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, became inspiration for me.  Its been two days since I visited and I feel compelled to write about it.  If you’re still reading and expecting this to be some descriptive chronicle about its architecture, history and significance, you will be very disappointed.  There’s far more superior literature on the web detailing every facet of its grand design.  My account is merely an attempt to describe the experience of seeing something so stately and magnificent.

I had seen images of the mosque and heard stories of it from family & friends who have visited before I did but nothing can prepare you for the powerful wonderment you feel when you lay eyes on its untainted white edifice.  Its elegance just silences you into submission and obeisance.

It is grand but not imposing – just quietly dignified.  It is rich and glittering, but neither flashy nor pretentious – in fact, calmly resplendent. Yes, there are rules for visitors, but they are not restricting, just respectful of Islamic traditions.

In a world where humans are divided on all conceivable grounds — community, religion, geography, language, caste, creed, colour and the list could just go on, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – a beautiful symbol of Islam, unites travelers different corners of the world who practice different faiths and countries within its walls and under its roof.

Try as I may, I couldn’t do justice in any language to describe its exquisiteness.  Let some photographs try, though for once I’m willing to admit, that even pictures can’t do justice.

Some things need to be seen and experienced to believe.


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