Goodbye 2015, says who?

There are so many reflective posts doing the rounds in the digital-social world. 12 best moments or 15 best things you ate in 2015… Facebook is even picking up 5 or 11 or 20 best (read most liked) photographs from the year and telling you how many likes you received for those or predicting what 2016 holds in store for you through those nonsensical apps. I mean who even falls prey to those stupid applications now?

(Confession: I do.  I didn’t publish the results publicly, but one of these ‘nonsensical’ and ‘stupid’ apps told me that in 2016 I would be cast in a movie :P)

OK – so now that I have (hopefully) made you laugh, let me proceed to tell you that I’m going to jump on to this reflective bandwagon and attempt to perhaps articulate why 2015 has been a year like no other and that it isn’t really Goodbye 2015 either.  That I will feel exactly this at the end of 2016 is but a different story.

I knew at the beginning of 2015 with the uncanny sixth sense of an aspiring twenty something year old who is a dreamer at the core of everything else that she is – that this would be a year which would bring about a lot of interesting change in my life. And that’s exactly what it has turned out to be.

There has been professional change, personal change, even a change of geography – what with moving to a different country!  Any change can end up being good or bad, I suppose but I genuinely believe, it swings and takes the course you want it to take.  Is it always smooth?  Maybe not.  May bring a few bumps along the way. But as a wise man I know once said – what’s it that a few scrubs and polishes won’t set right? 🙂  In retrospect, I would have these 12 months no other way

My journey in music has continued with the same meditative passion.  I feel as deeply nourished by every new session in the studio in the same way or maybe even more than when I did when my journeys to the studio started 3 years ago.  I still feel like a child racing up the steps to my ‘temple of solace’ – every time and I still feel the same sense of completeness and ‘nirvana’ when I let the music flow and overtake.

Creatively, I am so much more than I have ever been…

I have (finally!) stopped making excuses about lack of time and have started writing.  I felt finally ready to immerse myself in it in an honest manner without feeling the need to write on trending topics or write for the sake of writing.  I don’t think I even know how to define all that collective expression.  Is it really any literary piece or just mere ramblings?  But who cares about classifying it anyway?  I feel inspired to write and writing every new piece inspires me to take a little leap of faith and repeat the exercise.  I do owe a little thank you to a friend whom I shall not name for coaxing me to join the blogging bandwagon.

Much inspired by my mom’s amazing hand, I also indulged in painting (a bit under her wing), and discovered a 6 year old trapped in my body.  One who goes quite mad when she discovers a box of pastels in front of her. I loved being that nutty child so much, I’m sure I’m going back to it pretty soon!


Through all this change and everything else, I have learnt, grown and discovered myself.  And I know, that all of these facets will carry themselves strongly forward into 2016 and much ahead.  Really I’m just carrying 2015 forward isn’t it? So Goodbye 2015, says who?


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