Salt in the air, sand in my hair.

When we were trying to figure out that afternoon, where to go to kill a little time, I rather dispassionately suggested, beach.

In this part of the world, walking along the beach on a clear weather day is no rarity.  I could have said anything else, but for the lack of a better idea – beach it was and i decided to drift along.  There’s a saying that goes – “If you are lucky to live by the sea, you are lucky enough” and it truly came to life for me that afternoon.

Skies, the perfect shade of blue, the sand like fine glittering dust in hues of white and sun-kissed gold, the wind just perfect….not too warm, not too cold, not too wild, not too mild! What lay ahead of me was a scene out of a picture postcard and almost surreal.

There’s a vibe about The Walk that I can’t describe, except to say that it smacks hope and happiness.  But more than that – I felt the universe was sending several messages out to me.


The pristine white seagulls soaring above my head told me that we are all as free as we want to be and can go as high as we dare to fly.


The shimmering sands assured me that the spot on them where I stood were mine forever.  Every wave that broke on the sands created a new beach for someone else.

1916293_10153557254787862_5517702596212320528_n  And that beautiful sunset brought so much with it!  My favourite hues, the promise of a new tomorrow and the happy awareness, that the best things in life,actually come free.


The sun eventually went down, night crept in and I sank into the cold sand wondering – either I just witnessed a miracle from above or maybe I’m just a sand in my toes kind of girl.


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  1. Rupam Sabharwal says:

    Good one Stuti ! Really simply put, a beautiful experience and ur words and pictures make me want to experience that as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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